Affiliate Sidebar Ad How To

Step 1: Insert the Title

Click on the sideways tear drop to insert a new text block. Then type out your title, "Currently Reading." Make sure to set the title to Header 2 and center it.


Step 2: Add the Image and the Affiliate Link URL

Click on the sideways teardrop to insert an image block. Click on the arrow to add the image. 

Click on the Design tab within the same area where you added the image. Scroll down to where it says "Clickthrough URL." This is where you'll copy paste your affiliate link. Be sure to checkmark "open in new window."


Step 3: Add the Button

Click on the sidways teardrop below the image and select the button option. Be sure to center the button and select the medium-size option. Type in your CTA (ie "buy now" or "purchase now"). Paste in your affiliate link where it says "Clickthrough URL" and check the "open in new window" option. Then click "Apply" and you're all set!