“If you want to make positive, and life changing steps KRISTY IS YOUR GAL! Kristy was nothing short of outstanding. Her bright smile and positive energy alone can turn your day around. She is knowledgeable and well sourced with her life coaching skills and techniques”  

- Carol, Lifestyle Blogger

"When you are a new business owner you really don't have time to think about yourself, it's always go go go. With that being said, I was feeling lost, my frustration and hopelessness grew stronger everyday. While I felt accomplished with my new business, I also knew I wasn't truly happy inside and I couldn't figure out why. Kristy's knowledge, patience, and understanding has helped me change my thinking patterns and my outlook on life, which was my biggest problem. How can you expect to give happiness to others when you aren't happy with yourself? Without Kristy, I wouldn't even be asking myself that question. My happiness is something Kristy gave back to me. When you have someone like Kristy who is so dedicated, supportive, and intelligent you can gain that peace back in your life that I so desperately craved. Kristy has changed my life and I am so grateful to have someone so sympathetic and encouraging to call my Coach." 

-Lisa, Client


“Kristy was born to be a life coach. I have been searching for someone who will push me towards my dream life. I have been searching for someone who will motivate and inspire ME while I try and do the same for others. Kristy has a heart of gold and I can tell she not only genuinely cares about me but EVERY single person she comes in contact with. We have been working together for the past couple months now, and I can already feel a significant change in my life. I'm more focused, I'm more goal oriented, I am EXCITED for what’s ahead because Kristy makes me feel like ANYTHING is possible, because it is!! She always has book recommendations and thought provoking questions for me every time we talk. We go into depth on personal subjects and not only do I know they will be kept confidential but I also know  there’s never any judgment. Kristy is an amazing life coach and I am so grateful to have found her!!”

- Ashley, Client & Health & Beauty expert

“I always hated talking to therapists. I would always cry or feel guilty because they would force me to talk about my past issues. The history of psychology is so focused on what is wrong with you. If you are depressed, you take drugs to feel better. If you aren’t enjoying life, there must be something wrong with you. That is why I believe in a life coach instead of a therapist or psychologist. Having a life coach is like having a cheerleader. She focuses on your strengths and helps you realize how many talents you have. I highly recommend having a 30 minute consultation with Kristy because you will be hooked!”

- Carina, Client



Kristy will transform your outlook and attitude within 5 minutes of talking to her! She instantly recognizes the limitations you’ve unknowingly set around yourself and creatively asks questions that make you realize your own potential. Talking with Kristy, you instantly feel her desire to teach self love and boy this girl radiates Positivity. Each conversation we have I leave with takeaways that I come back to years later to restore my perspective. I have worked through barriers with this girl! She reactivates the wings that lead you to soar. 

- Amy Streckfus, Model & Actress




Kristy is an empathetic, courageous, wise and bold soul and while working with her I felt so supported and energized. Her work and activities challenged my thinking, helped me connect with my dreams and goals, and also inspired me to show myself more love and respect. Not only did she help me to realize what I can achieve, she helped me break through ways that I was limiting myself. Not only did Kristy help me individually, in the group I was a part of, I was able to connect with other ambitious women and create a safe place for us all to come together, cheer for each other and learn from each other's journeys. I can recommend Kristy and her coaching wholeheartedly to anyone who's ready to love themselves more, achieve their goals, and engage in authentic connection xoxo.

Chloe Ropner- Self-love series alum <3



“From Coaching with Kristy, I developed a new understanding of my needs, feelings, and misunderstandings. I learned to tackle anxiety and judgement head on. Above all, I learned a deeper appreciation of the word self love, that I can apply to every day of my life. Love this girl and her empowering self”Jordan Shoup - Client




Kristy Smith delivers a dynamic, vulnerable and empowering series for anyone looking for the tools to become the best version of yourself. In just four classes, Kristy encourages you to identify the areas in your life that you want to see improve and builds realistic and measurable goals that will allow you to get there. In just a few weeks, you will be able to chart out the steps you need to take to meet your personal and professional milestones. The best part about this course is you are not just striving to become the best version of yourself - you are also lifting up and encouraging others in your cohort to thrive with you. You will build a remarkable relationship with yourself, surrounded by an intentional and compassionate cohort. The most unique piece of Kristy’s series is she makes you feel like you’ve known her your whole life in just one session. Allow yourself to be courageous and vulnerable, and the results will be evident. Thank you, Kristy for your incredible work and service to the love and empowerment of others everywhere 💗 

Whitney Walton-  Women's rights advocate & Self-love series alum






“Kristy is an incredible person— she knows just the right things to talk about, and gets you to think and reflect on your life in ways that you didn’t even know you needed. After our video session, I was extremely inspired and ready to take on the week! The video session was filled with love, support, and positivity. In my busy life I often forget to take time for “me”, and Kristy created an environment that allowed me to do just that.” Alexa DeGraca - Retired 49ers Cheerleader, Model, Actress